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holy crap!

August 29, 2008

she’s triggering tonight!! that means i start PIO tomorrow and jeff’s boys are up to the plate on saturday morning! holy crap. i’m seriously a bit loopy at the moment. super excited and oh so freaked out all at the same time. yipe!


say hello to my little friend!

August 6, 2008

okay i need some help! i started taking BCP for our upcoming cycle, we’re doing a shared cycle so we all go on at the same time so that we’re all ready about the same time. here’s the rub… i haven’t had a cycle in years so i wasn’t sure how this was going to go. i started the pills a few weeks ago and have a week left in my pack before i hit the sugar pills. so today when i found myself weepy and exhausted i figured i was just reacting to the hormones after 2 years without any and well, just plain tired, and then i popped into the loo for a quick pit stop before running some errands and there she was. ye olde friend from my fertile years past. WTF!

so what do i do? does this have any impact on my cycle? i’m trying to tell myself that since i don’t really have a cycle then it shouldn’t be a big deal but i’m starting to freak out. will this impact my cycle in any way??!! HELP!

holding my breath

July 9, 2008

geez. that was a long time underwater. that’s what it seemed like to me. but here i am past another hurdle. i’m sorry to have disappeared for geez, well, like forever, but after losing donor #3 and #4 i felt like i needed to keep to myself for a while until i had something more to say than, “lost another one”. i mean who would have thunk it would take five separate donors to actually get to the schedule dates phase. we haven’t even begun the cycle yet. five donors, six months, and hundreds of rolled eyes and disappointed glances. but we’re back!

so now where are we, well i got the word today that we’ll start BCP in two weeks and then go from there. i’ve never been so excited to have someone start jabbing me with needles. yehaw! it’s taken so long to get to this stage for us and i hope to hell i’m not coming out of the woodwork too soon. don’t want to jinx myself but i just feel so flipping excited that we’ve made it one more step closer.

ahh. so there you have it. i’m back. and hopefully for a full cycle. yipe! let the games begin!