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hey up there…. listen up!

April 22, 2009

yeah that’s pretty much what my body started yelling this morning as i made my way into the shower after yet another ridiculously long day at work. the last few weeks have delivered the ultimate arse-kicking to this here lady. we’ve been launching a big project which i’ve been working on for two years and this was the big opening week. holy moly. add an extra 30 hours on top of my regular 40 and you get a body that is about to fall apart.

last night was the big event and i had finally started to relax but of course something went awry and instead i spent the hours of 7-midnight freaking out and making calls and getting everything fixed. and well, yeah i think those four hours were the straw that broke this poor camel’s back. i woke up this morning like a zombie. slid into one of the dresses that still fits me and slothed my way into work in order to lead tours of our big donors. and i just couldn’t do it.

i literally lasted about two hours in the office. luckily my lovely friend took my tours and i dragged myself back to the train for my commute back home. i fell asleep almost instantly on the train.

i’ve decided to give my body and the wiggler’s a break and work from home tomorrow and friday i luckily have off. if it weren’t for them i’m sure i’d just keep going but the thought of pushing myself even further than i already have and having something happen would be something i’m not sure i could ever forgive myself for.

the wiggler’s must have known i needed a swift kick in the pants in order to see the big picture in all this. so that’s just what they gave me. yup, i felt them. i’m not sure if i’ve felt both or just one of them but for the last three nights i’ve gotten some kooky fluttering vibrations on the top and side of my expanding midsection… then today, as i was climbing this silly high stone stairway at work i felt my first kick. it was a tiny one, but made me laugh out loud. and with that, i bid my adieu and packed up my things and away we went. all three of us.

so maybe i went home, and maybe i still checked my email like every five minutes, and maybe i still participated in two conference calls in the afternoon… but ladies, at least i was lying down, right! i mean that’s got to count for something.

tomorrow i’m going to try and step back even further. i’m taking a cue from dear kate and be still and maybe even quiet for once. it sounds pretty good to me.