i can’t believe i’m still posting with these babies still all cozy-ed up inside me. seems crazy. i spent so many months so worried they would come early and now it seems they don’t want to come out at all. but it may not be up to them… we’ve been scheduled for induction this thursday at 7am. yup, that’s in three days!

i was hoping just getting the date would motivate my body to get going but it’s been four days since we found out and well, i have had some hours of hard core contractions that seemed to be leading to the big day and then everything just fizzled out. it’s happened two big times, i was sure it was coming and then… nothing. oh well, at least my body’s getting ready.

i definitely feel more secure having a date to focus on though. i know the longer these babes have inside the bigger and stronger they will be when they finally emerge but i also have fear. i’ve been too close to the tragedy of stillbirth with my dear friend that knowing this is never a sure-thing has me feeling waves of panic as well. i’m trying to focus on the positives and keep on top of my kick counts. it’s all i can do.

so unless everything changes in the next two days we have an end to this part of the journey in sight. and even though these last few weeks have been hard on my body and have left me a weeping sally, i will so miss these little bodies inside me. it’s such a personal experience for us now, it will be amazing to meet them and for DH to be able to hold them like i’ve been able to these long 9+ months. i’ll try to post if anything happens. and thanks so much for all your support through these wacky travels. i’m so blessed to have such support.


5 Responses to “37w3d”

  1. mekate Says:

    Thanks for your email and WOW thursday! Holy crap. So I will be hoping you will just labor naturally before then– perfectly with a perfect outcome I may add.
    And if thursday comes and they induce, I hope that goes very well too– this whole thing is miraculous, and unscripted, so i will simply wish for you that all goes well!

    sending love, of course, and good wishes for the next steps in your amazing journey. I cannot wait to meet them too!


  2. Summer Says:

    So excited for you! Can’t wait to hear the news and details about the arrival of your little ones. Good Luck!

  3. EB Says:

    Best of luck to you and your lovely little ones. Wishing you a safe, healthy and glorious birth day.

  4. AshPash Says:

    Oh my gosh, the day is almost here! So exciting! We will be awaiting an update. Best wishes as you cruise into the final days of pregnancy. What a blessing that they stayed put for so long.

  5. Shinejil Says:

    Good luck on Thursday!

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