a birthday…. or not

wow today was a doozy. here i am at 36w2d and let’s just say i’m ready. (he he i think i might have mentioned that before huh…) i rounded out saturday night with some friends and spicy enchiladas and promply woke up this morning to major stomach cramps… but not like your typical cramps, they would come and go at regular intervals and my entire belly would be engulfed in sharp hot pain that would radiate to my back. it was awful. after a call to L&D where my doc was on duty and responded to claims of “yay!!, come on in!” when i explained my pain. feeling encouraged and in much pain we headed off to the hospital. i felt so terrible i didn’t eat any breakfast which was a terrible idea i would regret later.

after being checked on arrival i was still only 3cm, same as last wednesday. total bummer. from the amount of pain i was in my doc was even convinced i’d be more like 7! alas. my doc decided we would wait a few hours and check again and monitor my contractions and the babes in the mean time. my contractions were really all over the place, no organization there and the stomach cramps slowly began to ease back.

so two hours later though i was having contractions that i could definitely feel and they were getting pretty rough, my cervix barely showed any wear. 3 1/2. we waited another 2 hours and the contractions stayed about the same, moderately painful but no regularity or organization… and by 5pm 3 1/2 cm. nothing had changed. by this time i was so starving (damn the hospital and their no food if you’re “potentially” in labor clause) by that third cervix check i was hoping nothing had changed because i didn’t know how much longer i could last with no food. so by 5:30 we were out the door and headed home, a nice 5 hours or so in the hospital with nothing to show for it. but thank goodness for take-out!

so here we go on another wait, it’s just so frustrating to know that honestly i have no idea how all this will begin, what it will feel like and how i’ll “know” when it’s for real. i was so convinced this morning. i had never felt pain like that with my BH contractions. so back to the drawing board. and for now i rest happily filled with dinner and some ice cream. rule #1, never leave for the hospital without eating SOMETHING! even if i am terribly nauseous the next time around i know i’ve got to get something in this belly or i’ll be sorry. lesson learned… now onto the next stage… or so i hope!


6 Responses to “a birthday…. or not”

  1. Summer Says:

    Yay, more than 36 weeks! Come on out, little ones. We want to meet you!

    Good luck, t, whenever it happens!

  2. Sarah Says:

    i learned that rule about eating the hard way too- after i was induced with piper it took almost 3 days before delivery, needless to say i got hungry! still i think i’m hoping for another induction just so i don’t have the part about wondering if this is it!

  3. AshPash Says:

    What a day for you! Well, your body is certainly preparing. Almost there!

  4. onwardandsideways Says:

    wow, what an ordeal… I’m glad you’re okay, but I am sure you are getting impatient, understandably so.

    thanks for the tip on eating. I’ll keep that in mind in the weeks to come.

    good luck!!

  5. mekate Says:

    Thinking of you and sending love and big bowls of ice cream!
    Feels like a good dress rehearsal to me– hope all is well,

  6. Shinejil Says:

    Wow, I’ll def be avoiding any spicy enchiladas for the next few weeks. 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll know when it’s for real. You will. And then you can snarf down as much as possible before the show really gets going. My doula and midwife say that if you actually want to eat, you’re not so far along in the labor process that eating might be a problem.

    Hugs to you! Enjoy that ice cream and I hope your little ones arrive soon.

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