had an appointment this morning and i’m still 50% effaced and now 1-2 cm dilated. holy crap. so this may all mean nothing but if i had to guess i’d say i’ll go sooner rather than later. i’ve just started feeling “different” in the last two days. some weird sharp pains coming and going and some much stronger BH contractions. soo. yeah. i’m excited. totally freaked out and really needing to clean my house. yipe!

i really wanted to make it to 36 weeks and perhaps i will but i get the feeling none of this is really up to me so we’ll just lie back and get ready for the ride.


8 Responses to “34w5d”

  1. Summer Says:

    Sounds like you may meet your little ones sooner rather than later! Keep us updated, please!

  2. Stacey Says:

    All I can say is … enjoy the ride!!! I hope the little ones come just when they’re ready and healthy. 🙂

  3. Nic Says:

    Put your feet up and relax and hope that they stay in there a little longer!!

  4. AshPash Says:

    The big day is almost here! So exciting! Looking forward to a birth story very soon….

  5. mekate Says:

    OoooooooH! how exciting!

    Ok then!
    I cannot wait for you to meet these little people!


  6. onwardandsideways Says:

    oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… coming to a theater near you, huh? looking forward to a happy update soon… hang in there!

  7. karen Says:

    Wonderful,happy news.Praying for you and wishing all the best!…..Blessings

  8. mekate Says:

    back again to say hi! and wishing you all good things,

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