34 weeks!

well we made it folks. today i’m 34w1d! That means that if i go into labor now they won’t try to actively stop it. It means the babies lungs should be developing nicely and they won’t give me steroid shots if labor begins.

i feel so damn lucky to have made it this far. i’m still hopeful we can hold these little ones off for a few more weeks and try to avoid much NICU time. Some days i feel like that will be a piece of cake, other days i’m on the complete other side of the fence. I’m trying to stay as quiet and calm as I can so the babes just rest and keep growing.

in terms of how i’m feeling, yes, enormous is up there close to the top. my feet which had been killing me the last few weeks have finally started aching less (probably because i haven’t been walking all over the place, i’m just too tired for that these days). Now the pain has moved into my hands and knuckles for some reason. I’m chalking it up to fluid retention since i can’t come anywhere close to fitting into my ring and after writing about 50 thank you cards last night my hands ached like i had a wicked case of arthritis. nice. but really these minor discomforts are no biggie. i’ll take them anyday if it means happy healthy babes at the end. (remind me i said that in a few weeks when i can’t get off the couch or put my own pants on)…

have an appt on wednesday so we’ll see how we’re all doing then. probably get a cervix check and see if there’s been any change. fingers crossed. my eyes are set on 36 weeks.

who knows where the next few weeks will take us.


8 Responses to “34 weeks!”

  1. existere Says:

    Yep – I had crazy pain hands, mainly knuckles. My midwife said it was the increased water retention from twins causing carpal tunnel. Babies are now 2.5 weeks old and it is not as bad!

  2. existere Says:

    Also, good luck on the 36 week thing.

  3. mekate Says:

    Congratulations on the amazing milestone! and you made me laugh about the future of your pants–

    So very happy you’re so far ‘along’ in this part of the journey, and I am sure the babies will arrive just exactly when they are good and ready.

    Good luck and I hope you can be comfortable. Warm packs for your hands?sounds crazy but if you put some rice a few inches deep in a baking dish (dry) and heat it up to 100 or a little higher–120 by baking it, I bet that would feel GREAT to tuck your hands into….


  4. Stacey Says:

    Congrats!!!!!! So excited that you made it this far!! Here’s for many more weeks and no NICU time!!!!

  5. Summer Says:

    My SIL had her twins at 34 weeks (she had pre-eclampsia so they wouldn’t let her go any longer). They did have to be in the NICU for awhile but they are healthy almost 8 year olds now!

    I think I read once 37 weeks is considered term for twins? So you are so close!

  6. Karen Says:

    Prayers going up! My grandaughters(12 yr.old identical twins) were due on July 19,1997.From March of that year and on it was just one thing after another.I think I spent most of my time in prayer!…..after numerous hosptial stays and pre=term labors we were finally told we’d need a miracle if she could carry thru May.Not only did God bless us with that miracle those darling little stinkers stayed put in Mommy’s belly untill July 14!Only five days early and weighin almost 6 and 7 pounds!God is soooooo good!

  7. Shinejil Says:

    Great news!

  8. AshPash Says:

    What a relief to have made it this far with twins!! You are so close…hang in there. Can’t wait to hear the birth story in three weeks or so.

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