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34 weeks!

August 29, 2009

well we made it folks. today i’m 34w1d! That means that if i go into labor now they won’t try to actively stop it. It means the babies lungs should be developing nicely and they won’t give me steroid shots if labor begins.

i feel so damn lucky to have made it this far. i’m still hopeful we can hold these little ones off for a few more weeks and try to avoid much NICU time. Some days i feel like that will be a piece of cake, other days i’m on the complete other side of the fence. I’m trying to stay as quiet and calm as I can so the babes just rest and keep growing.

in terms of how i’m feeling, yes, enormous is up there close to the top. my feet which had been killing me the last few weeks have finally started aching less (probably because i haven’t been walking all over the place, i’m just too tired for that these days). Now the pain has moved into my hands and knuckles for some reason. I’m chalking it up to fluid retention since i can’t come anywhere close to fitting into my ring and after writing about 50 thank you cards last night my hands ached like i had a wicked case of arthritis. nice. but really these minor discomforts are no biggie. i’ll take them anyday if it means happy healthy babes at the end. (remind me i said that in a few weeks when i can’t get off the couch or put my own pants on)…

have an appt on wednesday so we’ll see how we’re all doing then. probably get a cervix check and see if there’s been any change. fingers crossed. my eyes are set on 36 weeks.

who knows where the next few weeks will take us.



August 26, 2009

after feeling pretty damn amazing for being just over 8 months pregnant this week revealed things can certainly change quickly.

friday night i woke up at 1:30am to a pretty strong BH contraction. no biggie, i’ve had them since 15 weeks so they’re not something i tend to freak out over since they are never consistent and really are just more annoying than anything else. But from 1:30-2:30 they came every 10 minutes. (thank you application icontraction) then from 2:30-6:00am they were more like every 5-7 minutes. weird. i called L&D at about 2:45 to say this is different than anything i’ve experienced before. They said to call back if the contractions got down to 5 minutes apart or less and stayed that way for an hour or more. I laid back down and kept track for the next few hours, they just kept coming but stayed above 5 minutes the entire time. I finally called back at about 5:45am to say that they haven’t dropped below five minutes but they are still very consistent and all the water i’m drinking and lying on my side doesn’t seem to be doing squat. Also, I’m only 33 weeks so if I was going into labor I would still need steroid shots to help the babies lungs out. I was so worried by the time I’d get to the hospital it would be too late. The doc said, well why don’t you come in at 7am (since shift change was about to happen which would mean i’d most likely be waiting for quite a while to get seen.) I laid back down at 6am to try to get some rest until 7 and next thing i knew it was 9am.
When I woke up the contractions were gone for the most part, and if i did have any they were back to their inconsistent norm. I decided to just take it easy, eat some breakfast and see how the morning went before I went in. I met a dear friend for coffee half a block from the house and as soon as I sat down i just lost it. I think it was a combo of exhaustion from being up all night, fear that these babies were going to come early and not be ok, and hell, extreme fear that these babies were going to come and i won’t know what to do with them. i think i finally realized how imminent this all is and it scared the pants off me. Don’t get me wrong, after so long in this journey all I want is to meet these little people and to know they are ok. but that doesn’t mean i don’t still shake from the idea of knowing that I don’t know anything about babies or being a mom and my world is about to change oh so dramatically. I know we’ll be ok, we’ll figure it out, we want this more than anything, but it’s still a big transition.

anyway, with one look at me my friend said, “i’m pulling the car around and we’re going to L&D”, j was off on a run for work and wasn’t available so I hopped in the car and away we went. At L&D the babies and I were hooked up to the monitor and they looked just wonderful. Moving a ton and good strong heartbeats, my contractions were still willy nilly and showing up.

They checked my cervix and found that I was 50% effaced, no dilation though which was great to know. And apparently I was 50% effaced at my appointment on wednesday though no one thought to mention that to me. So after a few hours and no change in my cervix I was released and came home. The next two days I was over the top exhausted. I couldn’t do much more than sleep and eat.

It’s been two days since then and I feel much better. my energy has returned a bit but i’m vastly more uncomfortable. a few weeks ago i would have said i thought i’d make it all the way to 38 weeks, but now, well, i ain’t so sure. i feel like i’ll be lucky if i make it past friday. PLEASE let me make it past friday!!

now excuse me while i attempt to dislodge a baby head from under my right ribcage so i can finish my workday.


August 19, 2009

the days and weeks are flying by and i can’t believe we’re nearly to 33 weeks. it’s quite literally boggles the mind.

we had an ultrasound and OB appt today and the babies looked great! and damn they’re big ones, well 58th percentile anyways. baby A is measuring at 4lbs 12oz and baby B just a touch behind at 4lbs 8oz. it’s crazy to think i’m carrying around nearly 10 lbs of baby. I’ve not been able to gain as much weight as i thought. i eat almost every two hours and am mostly housebound these days so why i’m not piling on the pounds i’ll never know. only 26 lbs up to date. but apparently the babes aren’t lacking for nutrients so that’s good to know. i’m going to blame my super fast metabolism (i’ve always been on the long lanky side) and my propensity for overdoing it. i’ve gotten miles better with this last one and have stopped building cabinets and doing crazy amounts of home improvements but i did spend all weekend making 3 dozen jars of peach jam from the tree out back.

all in all i still feel really good. i’ve only had minimal swelling in my feet (and actually only after all those hours making jam and being on my feet, that really kicked my arse) and i’m still feeling fairly comfortable and sleeping well. ok, sleeping well in between the 8 trips to the bathroom and 5 minutes of pillow reforming each night. i started working from home full time a few weeks ago and that has made a huge difference in my back. i haven’t had the same pain since the rocking chair became my desktop. now it’s really only the bottoms of my feet that are a constant source of pain. they just feel bruised almost. sore. and no shoes are helping but i can’t complain. i feel really lucky to be at home, not on bedrest and not having any major complications. phew. so far so good.

so for now i’ll just keep on keeping on and see what they say at my next appointment in two weeks. i’ll try to be better about updating. i’m not sure what my problem has been really. i think it’s part exhaustion and lack of motivation and part worry that i will make someone feel the way i used to feel when i would read about happy pregnancy blabber. but at the same time i need to keep this going, have a record of this time for these little people. so they know how much we’re excited to meet them and how long we’ve been working to get to where we are.