no words

Was woken up this morning at 2am to the phone ringing. My dear closest friend here in town who is just weeks away from delivering her first child. I answered groggily and immediately heard her voice waiver, “t? I lost the baby”.

—- I can barely type this through my shock. But he is gone. And she waits. For her body to realize it’s time to deliver him. I can’t comprehend the horror of all this. I can’t explain it away. I can only hold her and cry with her and her husband and do what I can to help her through this wait. A wait they say that might take a few more days.

It’s all just so unbelievable. So unfair.

There are simply no words to describe how terrible it really is. So for now I’ll just to with silence.

Please think good thoughts for her.


6 Responses to “no words”

  1. mekate Says:

    Oh my god, how unimaginable. I will hold her in my thoughts and heart and OH how I wish this never happened to anyone ever ever ever

  2. musicmakermomma Says:

    What a horrible thing, my heart goes out to your friend and her family. I can’t even think of what to say, I agree that silence is the only thing now. Praying.

  3. Sarah Says:

    oh god, that is awful. sometimes i think i’m immune to shock anymore but i truly can’t even imagine that.

    silence does seem appropriate but if in time you find yourself stuck there are some good ideas on the pages of this site:
    (probably nothing you don’t know but we all like to feel like we can be helpful even when there’s nothing anyone could possibly do to help, right?)

  4. mekate Says:

    just stopping in again to say hello to you dear t, and also to just check in and see how you are holding up. As I gently hold your friend in my heart, I am also holding you. See, I learned something from GradeA, that shit news can steal joy when joy is necessary and important– so please, let your own wonderful situation nourish you, and bring you joy and wonder and hope– please– it could be so easy to lose it in panic or worry or even just in the shadow of such an immense loss so close to you. So just sending love I guess, big love, and prayers for healing somehow someday for your dear friend and joy the big kind, to you.

  5. mekate Says:

    Thinking of you, sending warm thoughts your way, Kate

  6. mekate Says:

    me again. feeling a little like a stalker, but just sending love, kate

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