still here just…. well, quiet

oh ladies, i’m sorry i’ve dropped off the planet! after two weeks of craziness at work i’ve been lying particularly low. i spent the rest of last wednesday lying in bed making some calls for work and managing my email load. thursday i decided to work from home and stay off my feet all day. it helped so much and i still managed to deal with all that needed to be dealt with. it was good. and the weekend was really productive and also relaxing in a different way. i painted the room that will one day be a nursery. that’s even weird to think about. i put down some carpet tiles as well and did a much needed cleaning out of my closet. okay maybe that doesn’t sound relaxing to some people, but to me, working on the house gives me some low-impact exercise and allows my mind to wander and work through all sorts of things that i never seem to have the time to think about.

and just so you think i just overdid it again, i took lots of naps too, and slow calm walks with the pup. oh and i drank lots of milkshakes! got to keep packing on the nutrients to give these wiggler’s a better chance of staying happy inside me for a good long while.

so yeah, it’s been a relatively quiet couple of days and honestly i’m not sure i’m quite ready to come out of this hibernation, but i wanted to thank you for the words of encouragement and gentle smacks for my bad behavior last week. you’re just the best.

i’ll be back soon and promise to check back in with you all. sorry for the lack of comments. i have been reading… just, you know, quiet. i could get used to this.


2 Responses to “still here just…. well, quiet”

  1. onwardandsideways Says:

    omg, now I want a milkshake… yummy!!!

    glad you are taking it easy and that things are quiet. quiet is good for folks like us.

    : )

  2. Cara Says:

    glad you are resting…we all need that.

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