slowly out from under the covers

headache abated. a mere 70+ hours later. after 11 hours at work on monday i headed straight to the gym to float for a good 45 minutes. i think it helped. tuesday morning i woke with some light weirdness but luckily as the day went on everything melted away. today is the first day i’ve felt 100%. geez, that was a long road ladies.

thanks for your tips. i absoutely need to get another acupuncture appointment on the books. my regular lady was out of town during the migraine sadly, which added to the pool being closed made me tear up more than a few times. thankfully DH has some kick-ass deep tissue massage techniques. i think my neck is still a bit sore from all the rubbin’ but it’s well worth the pain-free existence.

this week on the whole is kicking my ass. work is insane at the moment. all should be well by friday but the next two days are going to be rough. i need to find somewhere to nap during the day.


4 Responses to “slowly out from under the covers”

  1. shinejil Says:

    I’m glad you feel better. Take good care of yourself! Nothing’s more important than getting your rest right now. Work be damned!

  2. mekate Says:

    Yay! I am so glad you are feeling better- sore neck and all. I cannot believe it lasted so long, sheesh, how brutal. I hope you are able to get the rest you need and want– and so so glad you are feeling relief.

  3. Cara Says:

    Glad it finally dissapated…are you open to having a pill you only take when it comes on?

    I fought the idea–but it has saved me on more than one very important occassion.

  4. mekate Says:

    me again, just wanted to say I am thinking about you and hoping all is well with all of you. warmly, kate

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