under knives

i have a headache. not the mild lingering and annoying headaches i’ve been getting pretty regularly for the last two weeks each afternoon. a real killer. a migraine. this is my second migraine since i got knocked up but the last one never got out of the starting blocks really. i ended up letting her loose in the pool after a good long float on a noodle one sunday afternoon. but today. this is different. she’s been kicking around inside my right eye for close to 30 hours now. and she shows no sign of tiring. i, however, am ready to call it quits.

i’m not sure if any of you ever get these damn headaches. i’m lucky enough to not get all the bells and whistles that can sometimes accompany her visits… the aura, the vomiting (well not always). but writhing in pain wondering if it wouldn’t be so bad as it sounds to literally smash a hammer into the side of my temple just to ease the pressure a bit, that though becomes more and more appealing as the hours tick away.

i tried all my usual tricks sans medication, which of course i can’t take now that the wiggler’s are on board. i tried the cold compress, the deep tissue neck massage a la DH, the dark room with a cold washcloth over my eyes since 9:30 last night. nothing. i tried to get up and have a really long stretch. nothing. i tried crying. belive it or not, crying (though it makes the headache worse intially) can sometimes let go of an enormous amount of tension. this time nothing. DH says maybe i just didn’t cry hard enough. but honestly i’m too tired to cry. i’m not sure i have anything to cry about. and mostly i was crying because the pain is so bad i can’t honestly figure out how i’m going to make it out from under these knives.

i thought, at least if i can make it through the night (thank you tylen.ol p.m.) i can go to the gym first thing and lay in the pool try to relax all the muscles in my back and neck. but guess what, it’s easter. EASTER. and the gym she is not open. damn it. so now what. i’m sitting in the dark window-shuttered living room hoping for an easter miracle. i think i’ll be waiting for a very long time.


4 Responses to “under knives”

  1. Magsy Says:

    So sorry. What an awful way to spend the weekend. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. onwardandsideways Says:

    ohg man… I get those… hard to deal w/out meds…. I hope it passes soon, hang in there

  3. Penny Says:

    You have my sympathies – I had terrible, 24-hr headaches both pregnancies, my first and second trimesters, and it sounds like you got it way worse than that. Caffeine helped a little bit, like drinking part of a coke or something. Tylenol PM helped me sleep when it was too unbearable.

  4. mekate Says:

    30 hours seems like torture. Any kind of persistent pain like that just saps my life force, and I sincerely hope you are ok– I know making a suggestion is crazy since I don’t know what I’m talking about but acupuncture? Please take care and I hope you are MUCH more comfortable.

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