gag order

i might need to come up with a better name for the wigglers as their space is becoming a bit tighter they aren’t wiggling as much as they once were. yup, we got to see them again today. my 2nd OB appointment and it was great. the flippers? the thumbsuckers? i’m not sure what quite fits so maybe i’m just not creative enough at this juncture to even come up with anything new. i guess i could call them gag inducers but that’s not as fun and too long to type. yes, you read that right. i’m not sure what to say about the ol’ gag reflex but lordy do i know how to hand out the impromptu dry heave morning, noon and night.

yesterday it happened as i was eating my cereal before work. a tiny hair hit the tip of my tongue and good golly i was lucky i had just swallowed. or last night before bed while in the throws of a traditional tooth brushing just one mild swipe too close to the molars and holy crap thank god i’m standing over a sink.

really all i’m trying to say is that the little ones below are making me a real attractive lady. aw snap. i’m not sure if it’s the copius amounts of saliva i’m always savoring, or the expanding mid-section, or perhaps it’s just my constant burping. at 13w6d’s, i am officially driving the boys wild.


4 Responses to “gag order”

  1. mekate Says:

    Yeah baby (ies), bring it on!
    So sorry to hear of your gagability, but so happy to hear you as always. I bestowed a sisterhood award on you (posted soon on my blog) for all of the wonderful support you offer me always and the wonderful honesty you share with us here.

    So glad your appointment was great. Amazing what is happening in there!

  2. musicmakermomma Says:

    I couldn’t believe how gassy/burpy I was when I was pregnant! It was hugely attractive I’m sure. But when you see your little wigglers (or whatever their new name shall be) on the u/s I’m sure every burp is worth it! Good luck –

  3. Rachel Says:

    dude, you are so pregnant… glad you got to seem them again, how comforting that must be! hang in there… I’ve used ginger for nausea in the past, not sure if it would help with gagging though…

  4. existere Says:

    Bumped into your blog today as I’m pregnant with twins too. This post made me smile – the horribleness of teeth brushing. Jesus. This pregnancy has made me discover the joys of mouthwash, I’ll tell you! Luckily I’m past the morning sickness stage…and you will be soon.

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