yeah, i’ve kind of disappeared. sorry about that. work is crazy at the moment and any minute i’m not spending running around the office like a mad woman i’m spending on the couch in a daze.

i have another OB appointment this thursday so we’ll get to see the wigglers again. until then we’ve been busy working on the house. nothing like the sun to kick start renovations. we re-structured the garden (again, yeah , we seem to do this every year) and DH started work on a part of the roof that needs some help. next up the upstairs hallway and dare i say, guest room/nursery redux. i’m not quite ready to even venture into that room and begin thinking plans to be honest. i have one crib that we bought a while ago in storage at my mother’s house and very nicely out of sight. but i’m not over any paranoia of what can still go wrong. what does and has gone wrong for far too many people and i’m not one to look past the minority side of stats. i’ve been on the wrong side a few too many times to believe these things can’t happen to me.

i’m not actually feeling actively anxious or worried, but i understand the risks of letting myself go full throttle. allowing my irl friend and mother of identical twins lend me a few multiples books is as far as i’ve gone in terms of bringing stuff into the house.

ah so. we now find ourselves 13w3d which is totally mindblowing. the belly she is a growing. i’m actually not sure how much longer i’ll be able to keep this on the downlow, especially at work. last week i wore a jean skirt and a little vintage button down shirt that barely fits me but whatever and i really thought this outfit is the best, no on can tell in this. bubble broken when the first person i saw that morning (a friend who knows i’m knocked up) exclaimed, “oh you look so adorably pregnant in that outfit”. i was flabbergasted. damn. i guess the hiding will only go for so long. i’d just like to make it past 14 weeks before i have to tell my boss.

when did you tell work you were expecting? evey time i feel close to being comfortable telling, i reset my dates and think, perhaps if i wait until after our next appt. or our next ultrasound…. it’s just that once you tell, it’s not something you can untell and if the shit hits the fan, well. you’re outed.


3 Responses to “missing”

  1. Shinejil Says:

    I told fairly early on, but my bosses (I have several) are excellent people who genuinely seem to care about me, so it wasn’t hard to do. I was also feeling so crappy that I was running out of sick day excuses that didn’t sound like outright boldfaced lies. 🙂

    I think if you’re showing and it’s 2nd trimester time, it may be time to tell the boss. It so depends on her/his personality, though–a royal ass clown would make me reluctant to tell. But frankly, if something does go wrong, you’ll need time off, support, etc. from your workplace anyway. And so far, things are all going right.

    I’m not getting anything beyond the bare essentials, and I plan to pick those up only when I have some clue as to how big the kid’s going to be. I’ve got some hand-me-downs coming (thank heavens), but few plans for more than clothes, cloth diapers, and health insurance. All of which will be acquired at the last minute. 🙂

  2. Magsy Says:

    I am also hesitant to tell too many people at work. So far only one person knows, and she has pointed out the outfits that just don’t hide the belly. Oh, and just when I find a shirt that hides my belly, the bb’s I never had before want to pop a seam or button. Congratulations on being in your second trimester and good luck sharing your good news. Maybe it will just feel right fairly soon.

  3. onwardandsideways Says:

    I can understand the not letting go. That’s about where I’m at. Secretly worried that the u/s will bring us bad news… but I have a good feeling about your progress, and I certainly am wishing continued good news for you!

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