NT Scan…. done and done.

Well, we have officially made it past 12 weeks. I am 12w3 days today! yipee! DH and i went in for the first trimester screening today and got to get a nice long look at the wigglers. It’s just so weird. Honestly, every time one of the nurses or doctors says the word “twins” it’s as if i’m finding out for the first time that that’s what we’re growing in there. It just never ceases to shock the hell out of me.

Today baby B was a very kind soul. Sitting nice and still for the radiology tech and letting all the measurements get done quick and easily. Baby A was another story. the tech at one point mustered, “i think baby a hates me!”. Baby A would flip, kick, roll over, anything it could do to not be measured. at one point the tech hammered my belly with the wand to get it to move over and it tilted back on it’s shoulders and kicked the crap out of her. okay, so no one could really feel the kicking but watching on the screen was hilarious!

after the scan we met with the genetic counselor again and she went over the findings and it couldn’t get much better than our results. less than 1 in 10,000 chance of an issue with trisomy 13, 18 or down’s.

so all in all, i’d say this was one fabulous monday. and some other lovely ladies have had some fabulous news to boot! congratulations kate and babysmiling!


3 Responses to “NT Scan…. done and done.”

  1. EB Says:

    Oh man, what a wonderful post. You sound radiant!! It is such a joy and inspiration to read your words. Congrats on your great 12 week milestone and results.

  2. onwardandsideways Says:

    That is hilarious… those little kicking legs… I am really happy for you! Congratulations!! And thank you so much for your kind comments in the last few days.

  3. mekate Says:

    Sweet T, thank you for the shout out and the wonderful sweet support– but mostly CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful wonderful wonderful results– you;’re right, they could not be much better than that! Happy second trimester- holy moly, you’re having twins!

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