The cure

It’s amazing what some dinner, a big glass of milk and a long night’s sleep can do for one’s psyche. I collapsed almost immediately after getting home last night. Watched a movie with DH and snuggled my way back to sanity.

And all the pain? I’m chalking it up to round ligament pain instead “emptiness”.

I hope Monday comes soon. Not to get me through the worry… But so I can sees the wigglers again. Can’t wait.

*can I add that you all are the greatest. Thanks for the supportive words. This day sure is starting off just the way I needed it to.


3 Responses to “The cure”

  1. EB Says:

    Yeah! I say lots more of that – snuggles, large glasses of milk and wonderful sleep. Well done for getting through a scary time! Can’t wait to see your u/s post.

  2. mekate Says:

    Snuggling your way back to sanity! Hurrah! Sounds very good. And I am so glad you are feeling better on all fronts. Hang in there, Kate

  3. musicmakermomma Says:

    Hope you have a great weekend, snuggling away. Good luck Monday – looking forward to the scans!

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