Last night

Tonight is the last night of PIO! I can’t quite believe we’ve made it this far. This does however mean I’m onto prometrium for the next few weeks and as much as I can learn to love my life without a daily injection I’m not sure suppositories three times a day are going to float my boat either.

But it’s all about milestones right? And moving forward and as of tomorrow I’ll be 12 whole weeks along. Amazing.


5 Responses to “Last night”

  1. Summer Says:

    Yep, one milestone at a time!

    So great to hear your little ones are bouncing around and you got to see them move!

  2. peeveme Says:

    Huge milestone! Suppositories are much better than injections but yea…still a pain. It wont be long until you are off all meds.

  3. shinejil Says:

    Yeah! You’ve cleared the first trimester! Release the balloons!

    So glad the ass shots are history!

  4. onwardandsideways Says:

    That is amazing. And man, I hope I join you soon in ditching the needles. Not as bad as I thought, but still a drag. But you knew that… 😛

  5. mekate Says:

    YAY no more needles! So very happy for you. 12 weeks– wow!

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