the day we left spain i started to feel the start of a sore throat… over the next few days i had a minor cold moving into my head and things seemed to be pretty straight forward. now, now i’m not so sure what’s happened. is this just a slow moving whopper or did i manage to somehow pick-up a cold on top of a cold. i am dying. i spent nearly all weekend in bed. i’ve been taking tylenol to soothe my aching head and limbs but i pretty much feel like i’m underwater most of the day and night. i can’t breathe. i can’t sleep. and i’m turning into a bit of a whiner. a very sweet DH made me a big ol’ pot of fresh ginger tea this morning so i’ve been drinking as much as i can. usually i’m a ther.aflu girl. but now it’s not in the cards. what i need is some tylen.ol sinus but damn if i’m going to find the motivation to both get out of my pajamas and drive up to the pharmacy. yeah i know. pathetic. but there it is folks.


3 Responses to “underwater”

  1. Sarah Says:

    this may not be at all your situation, but if you tend to have seasonal allergies (which are starting to kick into high gear where i live), pregnancy amps up their power to a frightening level. i think that’s what’s got me anyway, and it almost feels like strep throat or something. i’m hoping yours is just a bug that will soon pass!

  2. onwardandsideways Says:

    Oooh, I hate being sick. I’ve heard that pregnant ladies are more susceptible to colds. Don’t know if this is true or not. I wish you a speedy recovery. Thanks so much for your comment today. I needed to be reminded that I am f*cking badass. : )

  3. mekate Says:

    Ohhhhh yeah, me too. I am a snottyKate. Hope you are feeling MUCH better and that your fluishness did not erase all the joy of Spain. Take care, Kate

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