wiggler’s on the loose: 9w6d

well, i just had my first OB appointment and i am completely in love with my new doc. she had me splitting sides the entire time. and even though she made me get through my vegetables before we got to desert, (her words) i finally got to see the little swimmers flipping around inside me. it was crazy.

i mean i’ve had three ultrasounds so far with this pregnancy, and all of them were tiny blips of white surrounded by black, two of them did include the blinking heartbeat, but that was it for movement. but today! holy crap! i never even imagined there would be so much movement this early. first we looked at both and quickly noticed one was freakin. he/she was jamming out in there so we zoomed on in for a closer look and to watch those little paddle arms wiggle. so damn hilarious. then i said, but what about the other one, it didn’t seem to be moving and just as she zoomed out, we see the other bug joining in the dance off. it was so funny. as if they’re practicing up for their next big role in breakin’ 3.

ahh. so it was a good day. a very good day. and with no nausea in almost 4 days, i’m starting to feel pretty calm and happy. so four more weeks and then we’re back in for another appointment. maybe an earlier ultrasound if we decide to do the genetic testing that happens between 11/13 weeks. i’m tempted just for the extra glimpse of the wiggler’s. sadly DH missed this one too. got stuck at work due to a big event tonight. so we’ll see. until then… well, i think i’m gonna have to keep pinching myself!


5 Responses to “wiggler’s on the loose: 9w6d”

  1. onwardandsideways Says:

    So sweet, to think of two little beings stretching their wings in there… congrats and keep up the good work, sister! 🙂

  2. mekate Says:

    YAY wigglers! Sounds like such a wonderful happy day– thanks for the update and it is so great to vicariously groove along with your great adventure.

  3. Sarah Says:

    congratulations!! i think i mainly did the NT scan for the extra peek inside (although i was also still terrified something was bound to go wrong) and i’m SO glad i did it. it was definitely my favorite scan, the last one where you could see the whole baby in one shot, and doing cartwheels and such. if the cost isn’t a concern i would say do it!

  4. Jojobee Says:

    CONGRATS!!! What an exciting experience! It’s amazing to see them move and it’s even more amazing to see the continued growth from each u/s! I’m glad you get to experience this! 🙂 I’m also glad you like your dr! That’s great and makes a pregnancy!

  5. Shinejil Says:

    U/S is so amazing; it’s funny to think back to the days (our mom’s days) when measuring the womb and using a stethoscope were the only ways to get a peak inside at the little dudes.

    I’m so glad all is wiggly well. Isn’t it crazy to think about going scanless for a whole month?

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