hello homefront

so we’re back. vacation was amazing. i was only exhausted and pukey for part of the time which was nice. i did have to turn away from much cheese and wine but nothing i couldn’t handle.

today i had my first OB nurse appointment. the office makes you meet first with a nurse then your doc, so i’ll see the doc on thursday. today we just went over my exhaustive medical history which thoroughly entertained my hilarious nurse. it was a really informative visit, but really i just can’t wait until thursday to check in on the little guys.

i’m hoping things are still going well in the belly. my clothes are definitely getting tighter but i honestly look more like i couldn’t lay off the burgers more than i look knocked up. or maybe it was all that bread and cheese and potato tortillas in spain. damn you spain and you’re delicious pinxtos!

i’m sure it will take a bit to get all caught up with your worlds. hope everyone is having a lovely march. cheerio!



3 Responses to “hello homefront”

  1. peeveme Says:

    Welcome back.

  2. Sarah Says:

    your practice sounds great, it’s def good to get in with the nurses! good luck with the doc.

  3. Cara Says:

    Welcome Back!!

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