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NT Scan…. done and done.

March 30, 2009

Well, we have officially made it past 12 weeks. I am 12w3 days today! yipee! DH and i went in for the first trimester screening today and got to get a nice long look at the wigglers. It’s just so weird. Honestly, every time one of the nurses or doctors says the word “twins” it’s as if i’m finding out for the first time that that’s what we’re growing in there. It just never ceases to shock the hell out of me.

Today baby B was a very kind soul. Sitting nice and still for the radiology tech and letting all the measurements get done quick and easily. Baby A was another story. the tech at one point mustered, “i think baby a hates me!”. Baby A would flip, kick, roll over, anything it could do to not be measured. at one point the tech hammered my belly with the wand to get it to move over and it tilted back on it’s shoulders and kicked the crap out of her. okay, so no one could really feel the kicking but watching on the screen was hilarious!

after the scan we met with the genetic counselor again and she went over the findings and it couldn’t get much better than our results. less than 1 in 10,000 chance of an issue with trisomy 13, 18 or down’s.

so all in all, i’d say this was one fabulous monday. and some other lovely ladies have had some fabulous news to boot! congratulations kate and babysmiling!


The cure

March 26, 2009

It’s amazing what some dinner, a big glass of milk and a long night’s sleep can do for one’s psyche. I collapsed almost immediately after getting home last night. Watched a movie with DH and snuggled my way back to sanity.

And all the pain? I’m chalking it up to round ligament pain instead “emptiness”.

I hope Monday comes soon. Not to get me through the worry… But so I can sees the wigglers again. Can’t wait.

*can I add that you all are the greatest. Thanks for the supportive words. This day sure is starting off just the way I needed it to.


March 25, 2009

I might have been hit by a bus today. I don’t remember it happening but my ass has been sufficiently kicked the past few days at the office and today I could feel the workload beginning to flatten me. I’m sitting on the train waiting to pull out of the station and just barely able to keep my eyes open enough to keep typing.

I have felt pretty damn amazing for weeks. I should have known that might be too good to last. And after awaking in the middle of the night with the word “empty” lingering on my tongue, I got nervous. “empty” is that word thy I used to describe the whole inside of me when things turned to shot last time around. “Empty” is the word others have used when their paths through pregnancy came to an abrupt screeching halt. “Empty”. I don’t know why it was there scalded into my brain but it was.

I tried to make myself ignore it all day. When the pain started on my lower right side I tried to laugh in it’s face. But the pain lingered and I began to falter. I’ve felt significantly more confident as the weeks had passed. And now, with just a word I’m back into the fear.

I have a scan on monday. Part of me wanted to call and go in tomorrow just to be sure everyone is still ok. But I know I can wait. And unless the pain gets worse I can calm myself. I think.

Three more minutes until the train starts moving. 60 minutes until I’m home. Hopefully I’ll find the calm there.

Last night

March 19, 2009

Tonight is the last night of PIO! I can’t quite believe we’ve made it this far. This does however mean I’m onto prometrium for the next few weeks and as much as I can learn to love my life without a daily injection I’m not sure suppositories three times a day are going to float my boat either.

But it’s all about milestones right? And moving forward and as of tomorrow I’ll be 12 whole weeks along. Amazing.


March 16, 2009

the day we left spain i started to feel the start of a sore throat… over the next few days i had a minor cold moving into my head and things seemed to be pretty straight forward. now, now i’m not so sure what’s happened. is this just a slow moving whopper or did i manage to somehow pick-up a cold on top of a cold. i am dying. i spent nearly all weekend in bed. i’ve been taking tylenol to soothe my aching head and limbs but i pretty much feel like i’m underwater most of the day and night. i can’t breathe. i can’t sleep. and i’m turning into a bit of a whiner. a very sweet DH made me a big ol’ pot of fresh ginger tea this morning so i’ve been drinking as much as i can. usually i’m a ther.aflu girl. but now it’s not in the cards. what i need is some tylen.ol sinus but damn if i’m going to find the motivation to both get out of my pajamas and drive up to the pharmacy. yeah i know. pathetic. but there it is folks.

wiggler’s on the loose: 9w6d

March 12, 2009

well, i just had my first OB appointment and i am completely in love with my new doc. she had me splitting sides the entire time. and even though she made me get through my vegetables before we got to desert, (her words) i finally got to see the little swimmers flipping around inside me. it was crazy.

i mean i’ve had three ultrasounds so far with this pregnancy, and all of them were tiny blips of white surrounded by black, two of them did include the blinking heartbeat, but that was it for movement. but today! holy crap! i never even imagined there would be so much movement this early. first we looked at both and quickly noticed one was freakin. he/she was jamming out in there so we zoomed on in for a closer look and to watch those little paddle arms wiggle. so damn hilarious. then i said, but what about the other one, it didn’t seem to be moving and just as she zoomed out, we see the other bug joining in the dance off. it was so funny. as if they’re practicing up for their next big role in breakin’ 3.

ahh. so it was a good day. a very good day. and with no nausea in almost 4 days, i’m starting to feel pretty calm and happy. so four more weeks and then we’re back in for another appointment. maybe an earlier ultrasound if we decide to do the genetic testing that happens between 11/13 weeks. i’m tempted just for the extra glimpse of the wiggler’s. sadly DH missed this one too. got stuck at work due to a big event tonight. so we’ll see. until then… well, i think i’m gonna have to keep pinching myself!

hello homefront

March 10, 2009

so we’re back. vacation was amazing. i was only exhausted and pukey for part of the time which was nice. i did have to turn away from much cheese and wine but nothing i couldn’t handle.

today i had my first OB nurse appointment. the office makes you meet first with a nurse then your doc, so i’ll see the doc on thursday. today we just went over my exhaustive medical history which thoroughly entertained my hilarious nurse. it was a really informative visit, but really i just can’t wait until thursday to check in on the little guys.

i’m hoping things are still going well in the belly. my clothes are definitely getting tighter but i honestly look more like i couldn’t lay off the burgers more than i look knocked up. or maybe it was all that bread and cheese and potato tortillas in spain. damn you spain and you’re delicious pinxtos!

i’m sure it will take a bit to get all caught up with your worlds. hope everyone is having a lovely march. cheerio!