back from the land of crazy

hello ladies. i think i may finally be back. i haven’t cried in over 24 hours! yay! thanks so much for all your support as i blubbered my way through week 6. for some reason (even though it has decided to snow today in the mid-atlantic region) i can finally see a bit of light outside my window.

maybe it was leaving early yesterday from the office to go for a long swim and float in the pool. or maybe it was dinner with friends and going to bed early after all that (light) exercise. whatever it was… i’m just going with it and starting to feel whole again. and excited. and hopeful. oh and ready for my trip to spain! now where did i leave my sunglasses?


3 Responses to “back from the land of crazy”

  1. Sarah Says:


  2. shinejil Says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! Enjoy Spain!

  3. onwardandsideways Says:

    Hmmmm, Spain… sounds fabby… and you’re sounding better! Just remember, this is what blogs are far (anxious, worried rambling)… but hope you continue on this happier path!

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