so totally tired

i’m sitting at my desk barely staying awake and starving after already eating three meals so far today. if i happen to fall asleep will you nudge me as you leave for the night. thanks.


5 Responses to “so totally tired”

  1. peeveme Says:

    OH I know what you’re talking about. All I can say is it wont last forever. I know, not that reassuring but it’s all I have.

  2. Sarah Says:

    look at it as a continued good sign??

  3. Cara Says:

    Sweet dreams!

  4. Magsy Says:

    Take care of yourself-work can wait!

  5. Emster Says:

    I was told to follow the signs – eat when hungry, sleep when tired. I know it feels ‘bad’ to ditch work but this is so much more important. I heard protein helps with the tiredness and hunger. So happy for you!

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