okay, now that you have all thoroughly freaked me out with the twin predictions i have to add that my last pregnancy started with a 12dp5dt beta of 1097 or something crazy and it was only a singleton… but that doesn’t mean i’m not wondering why my uterus seems to already be bigger than ever.

but like sarah says… baby steps. one day at a time or i might blow! now if only i could wake the hell up and get some work done this day would end and we’d be closer to results tomorrow. and with that… onward ho!


3 Responses to “yipe!”

  1. Emster Says:

    so excited for you! I feel like my nephew at christmas “how many sleeps till santa day?” Best of luck for results day. I shall be keeping my fingers and everything else crossed for you

  2. Cara Says:

    Ok – I’m in late on the conversation – but I’ll be back to check your status!

  3. Sarah Says:

    so very exciting, can’t wait for the next number! i think doubling time is more important than the number alone in predicting multiples. you know about beta base, right?

    take care!!

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