i gotta tell ya….

i suck at patience. truly blow the big one. i am spending nearly every minute of my waking hours scouring my dear internets for signs that yes this cycle has worked. POAS at 2dp6dt? sure why not! ok, i haven’t gone that far yet but i am on the edge of my seat with this round.

last round for some reason i just knew it had worked. i can’t now remember when i “knew”, this round i don’t feel much of anything so far… sure, sure, the ladies are sore, but they were sore before transfer. i did just start getting some cramping which always makes me thinking somethings trying to happen at least… but really all i want to do is to just know. to know this has worked, to know we’re on our way towards parenthood, to know that i will be mostly puking my guts out on our trip to france next month.

damn my impatience. i gotta get some new hobbies. i’m sure if i stepped back from the computer for just 5 seconds i could find some sewing or knitting to drown myself in…

ahhh. instead, i’m sure i’ll keep watching terrible tv and laying on my dog. somebody slap me!


3 Responses to “i gotta tell ya….”

  1. Sarah Says:

    miss america is on tonight, is that terrible enough for you??

    i’m sure you already know that since we take overdoses of the hormones normally produced in early pregnancy, we will have whatever symptoms we’d have pregnant whether it worked or not, so there’s basically no point in analyzing them anyway. annoying? yes. mindfuck? totally. but in a way, kindda liberating to know you might as well try not to read anything into them. as if that we’re possible.

  2. maredsous Says:

    I just wandered onto your site and am sending well wishes your way. Enjoy every little symptom. Positive thoughts can only help right?

  3. musicmakermomma Says:

    The 2ww is awful – hold off on the POAS as long as you can. I cleaned out and sort of redecorated (as much as you can for free) our laundry room the last time I was in the 2ww (no painting of course). Good luck finding something to do!

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