freezer pop!

we actually had one embryo make it to freeze! our clinic are super tight wads about freezing. they are so damn strict in what they’ll hold onto so we never thought that this would happen, but we’re so thankful it has.

i’m holding on so far… yeah 1dp6dt and i’m already hounding dr. google for earliest dates to POAS. i’m terrible.

gotta pass the time somehow eh?


2 Responses to “freezer pop!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    great news!! congratulations, and hope you find some fun distractions from evil dr. google!

  2. babysmiling Says:

    Yay on the frozen one!

    I passed the time for IVF #2 a couple of weeks ago in all sorts of ways, including looking at every post from the blogroll relevant to each day (5dp2dt, 6dp2dt, etc.) and also making a spreadsheet of typical beta levels for each day and when they would likely be detected by different HPTs.

    I should have passed the time by getting stuff done. Oh well.

    Hope the wait goes quickly, and hope that you get good news at the end!

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