a-ok and ready for some action

these little growers seem to be a bunch of overachievers at the moment… as of this afternoon we had 5 embryos compacting and rated A+ and 2 still in the morula phase rating strong A’s. not too shabby for these little 4-day-olds.

so we’re ready for tomorrow, we’ll be up bright and early and i’m sure stuck in traffic getting into DC. that part i’m not so excited about, here’s to hoping the inauguration crowds head out early and leave the beltway somewhat clear for a wednesday morning.

so… i’m off to bed, perhaps a bit of deep breathing before hand to prepare myself for tomorrow. and then on to the 2ww. i have to say at least for now it does feel so good to be back in the saddle and so close again… but i know how far we really are and i just have to hold onto the hope that we will make it all the way. fingers crossed… perpetually.


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