a little bit of home down deep inside

this cycle is flying by. it’s crazy. i can’t believe it’s only two weeks until transfer. nutso if you ask me.

i decided to book the trip to france, so it’s on the calendar and i’m just so excited. either way it will be a great getaway for us. we need it after this last year.

and then in order to start to get past all the fear of this cycle i started acupuncture today. it was amazing. i’m hoping if nothing else, it will help me really calm myself and focus me for the next few weeks as i prepare my body for it’s next visitor. i sure hope we make it to transfer and then beyond.

until then, i’m working out and swimming tons. my body needs some love so that’s what i’m trying to give it. so happy 2009 body and everyone out there in the ether. i’m looking down the next 12 months with hope… just a little to start with, but i’m hoping it grows and grows.


One Response to “a little bit of home down deep inside”

  1. shinejil Says:

    I’m glad you’re going to France and hitting the pool! What a good counterbalance to cycling!

    Wishing you huge swells of hope this year!

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