how’s about a date!

well i got the dates finally. i’ll start BCP next friday and if all goes well, transfer should be late january. it’s so nice to be back on the road again.

in far less great news i got a bit of an infection (maybe from the d&c?) and i’m on an antibiotic right now that is kicking my ass. and to make matters worse my birthday is this coming thursday and not only will i be on a trip for work out of town, but i’m not allowed to drink alcohol so i can’t even toast in my 34th year. damn. oh well, 7 days is hardly a lifetime worth crying over… and with such good stuff coming up on the horizon i’ll choose, for now at least, to just be happy.


One Response to “how’s about a date!”

  1. Summer Says:

    Yay for getting your dates. Boo for the antibiotics. I had a bad experience with antibiotics a few months ago, so I feel for you.

    Too bad you can’t have alcohol on your birthday. But after you finished with your antibiotics, I say drink to your hearts content because after your cycle starts I’m hoping you won’t be able to drink for awhile…

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