at the ready… well, almost

well, we’ll soon be on our way! DE IVF#2 will commence soon. yippee. i can’t wait to get those dates in my hot little hands!

until then all i can do is relax and have a few beers for old time’s sake. oh and maybe get back to making gifts for the holidays. gotta keep busy you know.


4 Responses to “at the ready… well, almost”

  1. Cara Says:

    Can’t wait to follow your cycle!

  2. musicmakermomma Says:

    Hey I just found your blog via Jojobee’s page ( I will be starting DE IVF #2 soon (hopefully January) also. You have been through so much and I hope we both have better luck this time around –

  3. Leslee Says:

    It’s so exciting! It sounds like you and I are similar… always chomping at the bit for a timeline!

    Good luck!

  4. Summer Says:

    Yay! The waits almost over…although another wait will start. But, at least you’ll have one wait down.

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