thank you

thank each and every one of you for your support and thoughts. it means more than i can really put to words.

the last few days have been filled with pretty big ups and downs. it’s been a lot to take in one short period of time, but if there’s one thing my mom and dad have instilled in me, it is the ability to look at life with all it’s troubles and still be able to laugh and be silly and know it will all turn out ok. it may not be the ‘ok’ we imagined, or wanted from the start, but it will be what is meant to be and it will always be filled with mixes of joy and sorrow.

i’ll be leaving for my d&c appointment in 20 minutes or so. and i’m feel good. for the most part anyway. i started having a lot of cramping last night and this morning it’s getting worse. in some ways i wonder if i should just wait it out. but honestly there is such comfort knowing that by the afternoon it will be over and i can start focusing on my levels reaching 0 and getting back into that donor list.

thank you all again for your words and prayers and thoughts. every single word made me know that things will work out. one way or another.

my mother is hanging in there. still waiting for wednesday’s appointment to find out more info, but with such grace and strength and silliness. i’m just so lucky to have such an amazing family.


4 Responses to “thank you”

  1. Nity Says:

    I came over from L&F to say that I am so sorry. I’ll be praying for you as you have your d&c and for your mom.

  2. Cara Says:

    I clicked over here from LFCA and read through your recent posts. You write with such strength of character and heart.

    I pray for you as you are at your appointment today. Family certainly is our rock and I am so glad you have a strong (and silly) one.


  3. Summer Says:

    Just wanted to let you know you and your mom are still on my mind. Take care.

  4. Angie Best-Boss Says:

    I clicked through from LCFA and found your story. Please know that you and your mom are being held in the light – an old Quaker way of saying you aren’t alone, even when you feel like you are.

    Find a way to take care of yourself today. Accept love and support in whatever form it comes in.
    wishing you peace

    be well,
    Angie Best-Boss

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