they are a bandy brood these six! and our report today was all good news, 6 mature and 6 fertilized. the woman on the other end of the line seemed shocked by this. she says it doesn’t happen often. i think j was suprised too, after we left the office when i asked him how it went he replied, “not my best work”. but them boys did swim. so here we are one day closer to transfer. i’m going to start crossing my fingers that we make it until thursday for day 5. since i miscalculated the dates and thought tuesday would be my only day in the office this week. oops. i have a ton of meetings scheduled. but we’ll see. obviously i’ll take what i can get.

hopefully tomorrow’s news will be all good too and these six will be banding together for another day. wish us luck!

oh and happy labor day… the irony of which is not lost on me.


One Response to “sextet”

  1. Summer Says:

    Just catching up on your latest news and am so excited for you!

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