a nice half dozen

with retrieval firmly behind us we’re on to the next wait, the fertilization report. we are in a shared donor program so we shared our donor’s 22 follicles (which resulted in 16 eggs) with two other couples. we ended the day with 6 nice looking eggs to be joined up with j’s hearty swimmers.

we’ll see what tomorrow brings on how things went in that arena. it’s funny, i was super elated and excited all last night and this morning. then when the clinic called to say we have 6 and they’ll let us know how it goes i suddenly realized how far we are from the other side of things. not that i’m being defeatist or negative at all, it just dawned on me that yes, one step had been pushed past today, a big one, but that is only one step and there are quite a few more to go. there’s just so much that can happen from here until tuesday (which would be the earliest i’d be transferred) but all i’m going to do is put my hope in those half dozen reminders that we’ve made it a good clip so far on this journey. i can’t wait to see what happens next.

in other news, i just started my PIOs last night, good lordy am i sore. sounds like that’s only going to get worse so i’m trying to laugh away the pain. or maybe i’ll just soothe myself with peach ice cream!


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