the girls are all right

oh you ladies! thank you so much for making me not feel like too much of a panic-laden freak and more like the same old freak of yore. thanks bunches.

so my nurse sweetly explained she thinks it’s all just breakthrough bleeding, happens all the time and just keep doing what i’m doing. i started lupron this morning. yay! that’s one more daily injection, two added, two more to go! i say that like i enjoy them. see…. freak.

on my way to work i noticed a hive-like bump at the injection site and again my blood pressure rose. i started to think i couldn’t breathe right and went straight for dr. google to calm me down. here’s a tip, if you’re wondering if it’s normal to have a bump where you just gave yourself a shot of lupron, don’t google “lupron allergic reaction”, that brings up some super scary links with info like, “hives… call your doctor immediately!”, “run, don’t walk, you are dying!!” ok, i might have made that last one up, but seriously i nearly had a panic attack in my car. and then i stepped back and tried again, this time with calm, inquiring language like, “bump injection site lupron”. to which i’m told by hundreds of little blue underlined sentances… “totally f’in normal you ninny!”

so there you have it, sometimes googling from the calm relaxed place you WISH your mind would always take you too when panic arises is all you need to stave off passing out on an overpass next to your commuter train. who knew.


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