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August 31, 2008

they are a bandy brood these six! and our report today was all good news, 6 mature and 6 fertilized. the woman on the other end of the line seemed shocked by this. she says it doesn’t happen often. i think j was suprised too, after we left the office when i asked him how it went he replied, “not my best work”. but them boys did swim. so here we are one day closer to transfer. i’m going to start crossing my fingers that we make it until thursday for day 5. since i miscalculated the dates and thought tuesday would be my only day in the office this week. oops. i have a ton of meetings scheduled. but we’ll see. obviously i’ll take what i can get.

hopefully tomorrow’s news will be all good too and these six will be banding together for another day. wish us luck!

oh and happy labor day… the irony of which is not lost on me.


a nice half dozen

August 30, 2008

with retrieval firmly behind us we’re on to the next wait, the fertilization report. we are in a shared donor program so we shared our donor’s 22 follicles (which resulted in 16 eggs) with two other couples. we ended the day with 6 nice looking eggs to be joined up with j’s hearty swimmers.

we’ll see what tomorrow brings on how things went in that arena. it’s funny, i was super elated and excited all last night and this morning. then when the clinic called to say we have 6 and they’ll let us know how it goes i suddenly realized how far we are from the other side of things. not that i’m being defeatist or negative at all, it just dawned on me that yes, one step had been pushed past today, a big one, but that is only one step and there are quite a few more to go. there’s just so much that can happen from here until tuesday (which would be the earliest i’d be transferred) but all i’m going to do is put my hope in those half dozen reminders that we’ve made it a good clip so far on this journey. i can’t wait to see what happens next.

in other news, i just started my PIOs last night, good lordy am i sore. sounds like that’s only going to get worse so i’m trying to laugh away the pain. or maybe i’ll just soothe myself with peach ice cream!

holy crap!

August 29, 2008

she’s triggering tonight!! that means i start PIO tomorrow and jeff’s boys are up to the plate on saturday morning! holy crap. i’m seriously a bit loopy at the moment. super excited and oh so freaked out all at the same time. yipe!


August 25, 2008

just got word that our donor’s appointment went really well today, so far she’s got 22 follicles growing in there, all between 10-14mm, which apparently is really good. we’ll keep getting updates all week and she will most likely have retrieval saturday or sunday! hello labor day weekend!

it’s funny how it has taken us so very long to get to this point and now it’s like a mad rush. i can’t believe transfer will be next week! insane!

hazy lazy sunday

August 10, 2008

good lordy this protocol is doing me in and i haven’t even started my IM’s yet. right now i’m on an antibiotic, vitamin, lupron and lovanox and i’m basically ready for naps about four time’s a day.

my boobs are swollen and sore, my head’s been aching each afternoon and i just keep falling asleep.

but deep down the excitement over getting this all started makes it all worth it.

the girls are all right

August 7, 2008

oh you ladies! thank you so much for making me not feel like too much of a panic-laden freak and more like the same old freak of yore. thanks bunches.

so my nurse sweetly explained she thinks it’s all just breakthrough bleeding, happens all the time and just keep doing what i’m doing. i started lupron this morning. yay! that’s one more daily injection, two added, two more to go! i say that like i enjoy them. see…. freak.

on my way to work i noticed a hive-like bump at the injection site and again my blood pressure rose. i started to think i couldn’t breathe right and went straight for dr. google to calm me down. here’s a tip, if you’re wondering if it’s normal to have a bump where you just gave yourself a shot of lupron, don’t google “lupron allergic reaction”, that brings up some super scary links with info like, “hives… call your doctor immediately!”, “run, don’t walk, you are dying!!” ok, i might have made that last one up, but seriously i nearly had a panic attack in my car. and then i stepped back and tried again, this time with calm, inquiring language like, “bump injection site lupron”. to which i’m told by hundreds of little blue underlined sentances… “totally f’in normal you ninny!”

so there you have it, sometimes googling from the calm relaxed place you WISH your mind would always take you too when panic arises is all you need to stave off passing out on an overpass next to your commuter train. who knew.

say hello to my little friend!

August 6, 2008

okay i need some help! i started taking BCP for our upcoming cycle, we’re doing a shared cycle so we all go on at the same time so that we’re all ready about the same time. here’s the rub… i haven’t had a cycle in years so i wasn’t sure how this was going to go. i started the pills a few weeks ago and have a week left in my pack before i hit the sugar pills. so today when i found myself weepy and exhausted i figured i was just reacting to the hormones after 2 years without any and well, just plain tired, and then i popped into the loo for a quick pit stop before running some errands and there she was. ye olde friend from my fertile years past. WTF!

so what do i do? does this have any impact on my cycle? i’m trying to tell myself that since i don’t really have a cycle then it shouldn’t be a big deal but i’m starting to freak out. will this impact my cycle in any way??!! HELP!