date me

we got our dates late last week (yay!) and my do things take longer than i’d imagined to get up and running. i’ll start bcp on july 25th as well as lovanox and then all the other fun will fall into place. at the end of two months of needles galore we’ll have our transfer on either sept 3rd or 5th. the craziest thing about the transfer dates is that it would put my due date (if we’re lucky enough to make it that far) May 29th. Which coincidentally is my cancerversary. which to me is nuts. i can’t think of a better present on my six year anniversary of living past all that sick. so here we go. i’m freaked out for sure but super excited and so ready to begin. does it usually take 6 plus months to make it this far? don’t answer that, i might just jinx myself.


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