all caught up

so we finally heard from our nurse and seems all things are beginning to line up out in front of us. still not sure when i’ll start bcp, because of my history with blood clots, (oh did i not yet mention that blip in my medical history… quick recap, let’s see… two summers ago on the very weekend of the anniversary i was diagnosed with leukemia, and after some funny business in the right leg making me a bit nervous, i went in for an ultrasound and found out i had the mother of all blood clots filling my entire vein from knee to groin. nice! went to hospital immediately where they did a routine chest x-ray to make sure i didn’t have pulmonary embolism i.e. blood clots in my lungs, which they were sure i didn’t have because i felt fine in the ol’ wind pipes don’t you see, and much to everyone’s surprise, most especially moi, i had two big ol’ emboli staring back at me from my scan…. ) sooo, yeah, we’ll wait until the last possible moment to start those friendly bcp ‘s which were what was deemed to be the reason all my blood ran (or didn’t run so well) amok. this bit of history also means that as soon as i begin any of my hormone injections i’ll be adding on a daily injection of lovanox to keep my veins all drippy and thin. ye olde blood thinner. at least it’s sub cutaneous.

geez, so that was one big sidetrack, what i popped in to say today was actually that yay, we’re on our way. hopefully i’ll be starting the pills next week some time and we’re looking at a transfer date (if all goes as planned) for sometime at the end of march! craziness!

and to celebrate i plan on eating as much soft cheese and wine as i can. ahem. well, just in case we’re lucky enough for this cycle to work. i have to keep reminding myself to not get too far ahead of myself. i don’t want to be devastated if the betas come back thumbs down. i need to be realistic though, i will be devastated i’m sure but i can look forward to more cycles i guess. we’re doing a shared risk plan so we get 6 fresh cycles and if all those fail, our money back to look into other options.

sooo… i will take julie’s advice and just try to take this whole darn thing one needle-filled day at a time.


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