rose colored glasses of my very own

so the deadline for our MIA donor has passed and so… It’s time to celebrate! Ok, maybe not but what the hell. Last night after an extra long day at work j suggested we meet for some dinner and drinks and then… (And this is why I love this man) donn some 3-d glasses for Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder. Yes!

The way I see it, nothing warms the heart quite like a theatre packed with white-paper-glasses clad crazies laughing and cheering (and jeering) at all the twists and turns of this classic film. And a glass of really nice wine and delicious food don’t hurt either.

So now I’m back on the train, that’s literally and figuratively folks, and I’m feeling really good about logging back into the donor listings. I figure the road ahead is sure to have
more turns I don’t anticipate so I might as well just let it ride. It may not all be “for a reason” but it is the way it is. And if I at last get to rock my 3-d glasses once in a while i think I’ll make it through… Well at least I’ll look good. Right. Right! Eh-hem. I thought so.


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